We created The Craft Sessions to provide a space for crafters to come together, whether that togetherness is online or at our retreat; to share ideas, to learn from, and be inspired by one another.

We wanted time to retreat together. To connect over more than just craft. To meet others who value handmade and the joy that creating brings to our everyday life.

We wanted to create an event where enthusiastic beginners could come and learn to make beautiful things with simple techniques. Where old-school crafts could be taught in new-school ways. Where already skilled crafters could come, be inspired and walk away with some new tricks or skills. Everyone loves a new trick - yes?

And finally the best reason for creating The Craft Sessions (which is purely selfish!) was that we wanted the opportunity to meet, hangout with and be taught by some of our crafting heros. People whose work we love and who inspire us in the everyday.

We believe that making supports us in our daily lives, connects us to others, and ultimately changes us.

You can find The Craft Sessions Manifesto here to see more of what drives us!

About Us

Hi, I’m Felicia, the creator of The Craft Sessions. I came back to crafting about ten years ago when I wanted to make something special for my friend's birthday. Since then I haven’t looked back. I got a bit addicted like many of us do, to the joy that crafting everyday can bring. If you feel like looking me up you can find me here on Ravelry and you can find me on Pinterest here.

Lucky for me I have some sensational women supporting me in this venture. All crafters, who often floor me with their making, their wisdom and their humour. They keep me on track and help put this thing together.

Anna, Martine, Me, Jenn and Claire. 

Anna, Martine, Me, Jenn and Claire.