So when we were looking to put The Craft Sessions together we did a lot of thinking about the why. Why did we want to do it? What is it about? What do we want to say? What kinds of things do we want taught? What kinds of teachers do we want teaching? Who is it for? 

The Craft Sessions is the event that came out of this thought process. We hope it will be all this and more.

We believe that;

  1. Crafting offers daily nourishment for the soul - a chance to slow down and get lost in the joy of creating. We need more of it!
  2. Beautiful things can be made with very simple techniques and skills.
  3. Old-school traditional handcrafts can be taught in new-school ways which are simpler, more accessible and produce beautiful results.
  4. Mistakes are part of how we learn - they are also often very pretty! Practicing in the gap is part of living a creative life. 
  5. It's your craft. There are no rules to how things should be done. Do them in a way that makes sense to you. 
  6. Crafting is bigger than just making; it's about community. It is about coming together with friends to learn, share and connect.