The Craft Sessions 2018 Annual Retreat Scholarship


What is the Scholarship?

A full residential place at The Craft Sessions Annual Retreat - September 6th-9th 2018 - plus a $500 stipend.

What is the $500 for?

Because we wanted to really make it possible for someone to have a break. So the $500 is for you to spend however you see fit. In order to come you might need to pay for travel, babysitting, you might miss a shift at work, or you might need materials. Whatever you need – it’s totally up to you.

Who is it for?

  • Someone who is struggling financially and will be for the foreseeable future.
  • Someone who loves making, and maybe needs some joy.

things to note

  1. Your name won’t be announced. The only people who will know you are the recipient are the selection panel and the small Craft Sessions team.
  2. We very kindly ask that you don't apply if you can afford to come. 
  3. Upfront we want to acknowledge the awkwardness of these questions. They are asked with good intent and kindness.

The process:

  1. You apply for the scholarship by filling in the form below.
  2. Applications are open for just over one week. They close on Saturday April 29th at 5pm.
  3. You can nominate someone for the Scholarship if you would like to, as long as you know they would be able to come and you have their agreement.
  4. The chosen applicant will be picked by a small external panel. Please note that Felicia is not part of the process.
  5. You would be informed of your success (or not) via email a week after the retreat has gone on sale to the general public.

Just to be super clear - we will not be announcing a scholarship recipient as we want to keep it totally anonymous for you in order to protect your privacy. That said if you want to tell people then you are totally welcome to!

Application Form

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We understand that getting away for the weekend can be difficult but we ask that you truly consider your capacity to attend. Could you please confirm your availability.